About me

Hi, I’m Balachandran a Digital Marketing Consultant, freelancer from Chennai. I’m a Digital Marketer by both professions and my passion. As a Digital Marketer, I write train and consultant on Digital Marketing. I take up freelance Digital Marketing and SEO, SMM projects from clients from multiple businesses. I also conduct online Marketing workshops and also I take classroom Digital Marketing training in Chennai.

I’m specialized in Integrated Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Re-Marketing using different platforms. As a Digital Marketer, I will also consult freelancers, startup companies, entrepreneurs to promote and achieve their business goals.

How it started?

Even as an engineering professional. I’m very much passionate about Digital Marketing and later I realized the importance of Digital Marketing and its future scope. As a Digital Marketer the response I got, encouraged me to help professionals to build their carrier.

 While traveling as a Digital Marketer I explored different areas of Digital Marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) Facebook/LinkedIn ads, etc. Soon I came to know that I have more passion for Digital Marketing than my core profession.

 So this is how the second innings of my life started as a Digital Marketer and now I support multiple clients, companies on their Digital Marketing Strategy.


Digital Marketing

SEO 50%
SEM 50%


Graphic Design 50%
Logo Design 50%