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SEO Service

Hi, I’m Balachandran a leading SEO expert in Chennai and I’m so happy to see you here. I take up freelance SEO projects at an affordable price for any start-up company or business. So if you are looking for an SEO freelancer in Chennai you are on the right page at right time, as I will do my best on your ON page and OFF page SEO needs with guaranteed results and affordable price.

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SEO freelancer in Chennai

SEO is a process of making your website more organic. It takes time to reach your website on the search engine result page. How much time? That completely depends on Keyword competition, your domain age, and the originality of the content you in using your website. You can discuss with any SEO consultant in Chennai they will tell you that search engine ranking depends on two main factors. One is the relevancy of the content and the other is the authority of your domain. As an SEO freelancer in Chennai, If I take up your project my role will be to increase the relevancy of your content and as well as increase your domain’s authority to make your website more organic.

Important points to remember from SEO specialist in Chennai

As an SEO specialist in Chennai. I would suggest you remember the following points before approaching any company or individual for your SEO needs,

  • SEO is an organic process and surely it takes time to rank a keyword. You cannot go with any shortcuts to get sustainable SEO results.
  • You must know that SEO is for webpage not for websites.
  • Content plays a vital role in SEO. So you must have original content on your website for SEO efforts to succeed.
  • Building backlinks from the authority domain will take time.
  • Getting traffic from the different resources is the key to the best results.
  • SEO is a continuous process, so it is necessary to keep your webpage content up to date, backlink must be regularly built. 

As an SEO expert in Chennai, I produce good results for my clients by updating the webpage content and drip link building.

Rated as one of the top SEO freelancers in Chennai

I’m rated as one of the top SEO freelancers in Chennai. Since I provide better service quality. My clients will know exactly what they will get every month. I’m sure that no one can make a promising ranking within a short period of time. What I promise to my clients is,

  • Keyword research and identification.
  • Adding Keywords in content and image and infographics for best results.
  • Efficient use of LSI Keywords.
  • Efficient use of positive and negative keywords.
  • Removing broken links.
  • Best use of 404 error page.
  • Efficient use of social links and social share links.
  • Efficient use of image/infographics/video submission.

The deliverable from this freelance SEO analyst in Chennai

Being a freelance SEO analyst in Chennai, I understand that trust is the major factor in client acquisition. If the above answers do not convince you, in this section I will explain to you what I will exactly do in my project.

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • ON page and fixing the errors and content
  • OFF page

As the best freelance SEO analyst in Chennai, I follow a strict policy when it comes to link building and hence ensure that any activity performed will not get the website into google penalties.

The reporting structure of freelance SEO consultant in Chennai

As a freelance SEO consultant in Chennai, I submit weekly and monthly reports of my work to my clients. This report is not only for showing information but every month there will be an analysis and corresponding changes in the action plan will be made after approval from the client’s end. With this better service quality, I’m sure about gaining the trust of all my clients even being a freelance SEO consultant in Chennai.

Pricing for the service of this freelance SEO expert in Chennai

I can understand that people look for a freelance SEO experts in Chennai for two main reasons. One is for better expert service and the other is for affordable pricing. So my pricing level is not for SEO projects is not high. So you can contact this freelance SEO expert in Chennai ad know about pricing by filling this form below.