Trends in Digital Marketing 2021

Trends in Digital Marketing 2021

1. Create a cookieless Ad Campaign to reach a new audience

In 2020 people were under severe lockdown. This means there are no stores, no malls, and no time for window shopping. Customers have no possibility of looking around stores and discovering new products to buy.

During lockdown customers received lots of retargeting advertisement about offers and deals on products they showed interest in based on their browsing history. But what about new products? what about those specific articles they do not get the chance to discover anymore? Also what about those users who never allow cookies.

Personalised Ads

Personalized Ads use cookies to track user behavior and target specific users. They are great for e-commerce stores that have an existing audience aware of their products. These personalized Ads for customers’ products they like, will lead the audience to make a purchase again and again.

Non personalized Ads

With Non-personalized Ads, you have the possibility to create brand awareness among users. Who doesn’t know about your business? By this, you can reach a new audience and show products to the customer who was not aware of before. This creates interest among customers and makes them purchase. Also, you will have the possibility to reach users who block cookies.

Usually, Non – personalized Ads have lower conversion rates. But at this time when digital Ads playing a major role, you should allocate some budget on them to test. In 2021 it will be more important to keep testing and measuring different types of campaigns and channels. As a digital marketer, it is important to keep trying new ads, measure their profitability and find a perfect balance between both.

2. Marketing on Social Media

Everyone knows that the use of social media platforms is increasing day by day and this playing a vital role in today’s world. Nobody knows what is the next big thing will be and even when we do not expect it there are other channels with billions of users that brands have to be present ON.

Creating and adding new content on social media platforms with constant publishing flow make brands more visible and can easily reach the target audience to increase social media shopping. Digital marketing trends for social channels in 2021 suggest brands stop trying to maintain a presence on all platforms and focus their efforts on social media platforms.

Each and every business should start prioritizing its social media services. It means to work more efficiently and intelligently on specific social media channels. Where the audience having their more presence.

3. Content Marketing

While users spending more time browsing the internet every day. It is important to offer them a good user experience. You must connect with customers and with your content. It should not be just a Q&A session. You should also offer some entertainment to the customers.

Content marketing also becoming a new trend in the digital world nowadays. However, for 2021 Digital marketing is considered more of a best practice.

Here some of the popular interactive content ideas are

  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Contest
  • Giveaway
  • Interactive videos
  • Calculator widget
  • Games

Including one or more of these strategies can be very useful for your business to engage with your customers daily.

4. Local SEO Service

Every business owners must know that it’s very important to maintain their digital presence strong on the search engine result page. If your own a store you must probably aware that most of your customers are search mainly on a local level. The most important thing that you should do is to ensure that your store appears on the “near me” Google search.

Google regularly updates their local SEO algorithms and you should update your local business information as well.

Tools such as Google my business give more information to customers. But it is up to you as a local business owner to keep it up to date for them.

Claim your business property and get verified by Google. Then you can provide information about your business such as opening hours, service, etc.

5. The power of voice search

Voice search commands becoming more popular and popular. Nowadays with the appearance of Siri. More recently with the introduction of devices like Google home and Alex into our living spaces, users are having more comfortable and it is very easy for them to use voice search for requesting information. According to Google’s survey, 60% of search queries are done by voice search.

As this method grows, businesses need to start optimizing their voice search into their digital marketing strategies. The first step is to create content that has a more conversational and natural style that matches how consumers ask questions.

Voice search optimized content helps businesses to reach targeted and new audiences easily.

6. Digital Marketing with Artificial Intellignece

Digital marketing strategies can be optimized and improved with the use of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence provides power to marketers or business owners to collect valuable information about users’ behavior, campaign performance, and analysis they can use to develop their digital marketing campaign and overall communication with customers.

Once all the information is collected by AI, it can respond to it. This helps marketers to provide a better user experience with personalized content. E-commerce sites can get more benefit from the use of artificial intelligence by showing users, products that are relevant to their previous purchase.

Marketers can use push notifications as quite an interesting and useful form of AI. They collect all information while users are browsing then process it and trigger automated push notifications with personalized content based on their searching.

Once users start accepting to receive them, they will get messages specially made for them based on their behavior. If they particularly browsed any product or service they will get instant messages that are related to their recent searches.

Because of AI, marketers can make products recommendation to users hyper-personalization of the message, optimization of display and search Ads, e-mail marketing, and even content marketing by knowing what type of content is more effective.

7. Video Marketing

Visual content is a most powerful tool that can easily attract every user. It makes to share a lot of content in a short amount of time with full details.

These inherent qualities of video marketing make them more relatable. Most of us like to watch videos rather than read long texts. For marketers, social media is a great platform to create and share a lot of video content about their products to find new users.

COVID pandemic situation has also contributed a lot to increase the use of video marketing as a key element in digital marketing strategy.

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