Why SEO is still key to your website success?

Why SEO is still key to your website success?

Search Engine Optimization is a solid set of guidelines for website success and visibility. As with all areas of technology, it keeps going through frequent changes and refinements to improve overall performance. It’s vital you maintain its practice if you want to remain successful.

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of structuring and promoting your website so that it will receive more number of organic visitor each and everyday from search engine. These search engine are designed targeted traffic to your websites based on topic specific queries that people enter in the search box.

The most prominent and most valuable search engine that places the most emphasis on SEO is Google. However, good SEO practices are also necessary for being successful site visibility in other search engine.

What is SEO?

Keywords always play a vital role in the building block of search marketing when you have a business or portfolio website and want to get large number of leads.

When each person in your target audience make a search in the search engine with a keyword that relates your business or services. They will ideally find your website got displaying at the first page of the search engine result page.

More specific keywords that related to your business give your site better chance of ranking higher.

Search Engine changes

Google has implemented a number of changes and update over the years though. Each of these refinements has been engineered to improve the quality of search result for people looking for specific information.

Once this changes was implemented much more importance has been given on high quality content as part of good SEO for a website

By implementing many changes to google algorithms. SEO proves to be a important key to your website’s success for five main reasons.

Keyword research brings result

Keyword research has become one of the most valuable and important areas of SEO. Searching and selecting the best suitable keyword for your niche takes careful research, planning, and knowledge of current trends.

The positive results are well worth the effort. A fundamental question to ask when considering different keyword is whether searches will find information they seek if they land on your website after entering those keyword in the search box.

However, a lot of emphasis is placed on relevance over precise keyword. It’s not enough to just find a good phrase and use it throughout the content.

Keyword research

Optimized page design means more visibility

If your properly structured your websites page with good recommended design and layout practice you have more than enough chances of getting potential leads. This takes them away from competitors who may not be optimized for SEO.

Keywords are best included in each page’s tittle, link, body text, and metadata attributes.

Search engine crawlers still largely ignore other type of content such as image and video.

The Democracy of link authority

The more links which point to your website from other sources, the better the search engine can analyze the site’s popularity. The key to success is to encouraged and  generate links from quality and trusted websites.

The trick to get good authoritative link to your website. For instance, a site that rank with in the top 1000 in Alexa linking to your content would significantly boost your online reputation.

The science of link building

The three major forms of link building are known as natural editorial links, manual outreach links and self-created non editorial links. It’s deal to generate natural editorial links, since these originate from other trustworthy sites.

Manual outreach links originate from paid listing and submissions to reputable site directories.  In many cases, you can get links back to your site by contacting others directly.

Self-created non editorial links are generated through various sources, including blog comments, guest book posting, and forum signatures.

Boost visibility by practicing good SEO

Implementing SEO for your website is still relevant and one of the most essential ways to rank well in search engine. The better your search engine rank , the more likely interested searches are to view your business as a trustworthy, credible source in your niche.

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